Hazel Hankin and Assistant Kelly

Other than the Candid shots and Pre-Wedding Preparation photos,
all photography is © 1998 Hazel Hankin Photography


The Cleaver Co.


Kitchen Market


Ruthy's Bakery


Eleni's Cookies

Art Gallery

Postmasters Gallery - Tamas and Magda

Art by: Miltos Manetas

Tamas and Magda were extremely helpful and they provided a great space.
We just hope we didn't scare them from holding any more receptions at their gallery!

Dress and Decorations

Mom and Dad Kinzy
Mom and Dad Schwartz
Dawn Scattolini
Jennifer Windus and Kris John
Lori Merkle
Paul Dowell
Without these people, this wedding would never have come together.
Their support was tremendous and we're indebted for life.

Love and Support

Mom and Dad Kinzy
Mom and Dad Schwartz
Jeff and Dawn Schwartz
Kyle & Jacki Petrovic-Kinzy, Ryan & Katie Kinzy, J.Erin Kinzy & John Reynolds
Dawn Scattolini, Jennifer Windus, Lori Merkle, Paul Dowell, Becca Hall
Nico Kramer, Gene Yu, Andy Lelling, Pete Georgianna, Martin Henderson
We want to thank ALL our friends and family for their love and support.
Thanks for helping us to create such a wonderful memory.

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